the cycle of life

 This project is one of the MA project. I was creating when I was learning the VISUAL STORYTELLING. 


From the starting of that the project, I was focusing on the brooches and pins. Because, I would like to start with the thing that I interested. Surprisingly, The concept of this flip book came from the story of mourning brooches.It is the jewellery that people usually wear it to commemorate their dead loved one. Sometimes, the form of mourning brooches seems like a format of a seed that represent the tears. They were inscrided with the name and date of birth and death on the back. Sometimes, they were include the hair inside. The hair is like a memoto of death. That influenced to my idea about the human life and dead. Then I chose to develop this idea to make the final outcome.

© 2017 by Chanida Areewatanasombat