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Illustration and zine design

There are many interesting things in the UK, especially fashion in the UK. Since I came to stay in England, I had seen many draping styles from the youth to oldster. Most of the people have their own design of the clothes and colors. Interestingly, there are many people around the world living in England and that makes people have the opportunity to exchange the culture, lifestyle, and fashion. In addition, I can see the adapting between the culture by the way people dress up. That inspired me to create this project for collecting the illustration of people that I met in the UK. 

And I finally collect them as my very first zine called "Loaf". It is about people that I met in the UK and the places that I went through. I spend around 6 months to collect all the photos and transfer them to illustrations. And I also wrote about my personal life when I was studying in England

cover copy.jpg

At John Lewis, Kingston upon Thames

On the way to Columbia Road Flower Market

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